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Welcome to HelloVend Vending, for nearly 50 years, vending has remained virtually unchanged, until now. We pride ourselves in transforming the vending industry, offering an unparalleled level of customers service with an unprecedented approach to vending technology.
HelloVend has a revolutionary approach to monitoring and servicing of vending machines under new vending technology called HelloVend. We aim to power up automated retail to a new frontier and pioneer a new age of creative vending solutions that is always on, always fresh and always serving.

Our Value


Come together with coffee, tea and more. HelloVend is born out of love for convenience, good quality selection, better community and more…


Always On, Always Fresh, Always Serving.


HelloVend DuetVend series serves All-day options, signature nasi lemak, classic nyonya kueh, cakes, premium yogurts, snacks and premium coffee and tea with a healthy twist so your tummy will thank you for it.

Healthy Vending


Fresh Food – Our focus on fresh food selections will keep you coming back for more. From the Malaysian All time favourite “ Nasi Lemak” to Classic “Nyonya Kueh” that you love, our delicious recipes will keep you coming back for more. You will be able to enjoy fresh and locally sourced items with our HelloVend DuetVend Series. Whatever that you are craving, our automated retail solutions can satisfy it.

Signature Plus – Salads, rolls, delectable cakes, yogurt, healthy breakfast, fresh fruit………we’re offering meals and snacks that you’ll love! No need to read the label, we make it easier for you to find better beverage and meal choices. Keep a look out for Signature Plus, we make it simple for eating right.


Snacks – Running ‘round the clock? Take a moment for snack time! You can count on us to stock the premium, better for you solution from the brand you trust. We carry all the top selling items and regional favorites. You will be spoilt for choice for the range of selections of all the tasty snacks, grab and go food available in our machines as we keep our offerings new, exciting and fresh.

Drinks – Hydrate yourself with juices, tea, premium specialty coffee, isotonic drinks, low sugar heathier choices to complement your wellness program and more! Our range includes the brand you know and you love… from traditional favorites to any new tasty flavors. You name it, we have got it!


Suitable Location:

Office Lobby

Suitable Location:

University Lobby

Suitable Location:

Hospital Lobby


Technology and Innovation are the heart of unattended retail. We understand how complete intelligence, data accuracy and accountability is key in today’s vending solutions. Our web-based reporting and monitoring system is designed and developed to use for complete transparency in reporting, sales data and commissions. With our incorporated cloud system, it’s now effortless to keep track of each machine’s sales and available stock . With our Smart restocking System, we can now remotely monitor the fast selling products, integrate with our warehouse for inventory control and make adjustment of the product mix. This will keep stocks monitoring easy and to be able to accurately forecast and navigate all delivery logistics. The Smart Delivery System allows us to enable our drivers to carry the exact products and quantities needed for each location with accuracy and achieve speed to market. Bright and engaging Digital display will keep the customers informed about the latest products and promotions and promote digital advertising for extra income. Our Remote Temperature monitoring and the Elevator Delivery system keeps quality and safety of food. Multiple payment options including cash, smartphones, debit and credit card, campus cards, cashless purchases for easy and quick purchases are adopted to provide utmost customer convenience.


Vend Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned Malaysian company based in Klang Valley. We are constantly looking forward to share our brand’s business opportunities and pride ourselves in transforming the vending solutions. We have a complete automated retail process to enable your business to get started almost immediately without the fuss of administrative and operational planning or system testing, bringing new meaning to a full service vending. If you have the same passion and share dedication in this business, we would love to hear from you.


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